The Maakrupa Scientific Industries Projects Agronomy line contains details and information on a wide range of the latest laboratory and field based testing equipment for use by experts involved in the cultivation and management of agricultural crops and plants such as Agronomists, Agricultural Scientists, Hydrologists, Engineers, Agro-meteorologists, and Farmers. Maakrupa Scientific Industries Projects regularly supply Agronomy equipment to National and Regional Agricultural Research Centres, Universities and Higher Education establishments, Vocational Training Centres, Seed Testing Laboratories, Crop Quality Control Laboratories, National Standards Bureaus, Private laboratories and Specialist Consultancies.

Water & Waste Water

We undertake turnkey projects for Water, Waste Water Treatment, Ground Water, Surface Water, Sea water, Brackish Water and Industrial Effluent. These include:

  • Drinking / Potable Water Treatment & Distribution
  • Industrial Water and Effluent Treatment
  • Desalination Plants
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment
  • Containerized Water Treatment Plants
  • Packaged Drinking Water Plants
  • Water Re-use
  • Sludge Treatment
  • The above projects and equipment are tailor made; designed and supplied to meet the specific requirement of the customers. The Projects are offered from small, medium to large scale either with semi or full automation with PLC/ Scada controls

Technical Support

Our support team is made up of highly skilled and qualified individuals. We at Maascientific Industries having specialists in the areas of Technical Support, Data Management and Product Line Support..

Product Training

Maakrupa Scientific Industries serves as the primary educational facility for customers. Our teaching media is employed in classrooms, and instruments representing product lines are showcased in our hands-on teaching laboratories..

Mentanance & Services

Maakrupa Scientific Industrirs is the leading lab equipment resource. Lab Equipment Service is at the core of who we are. Whether it's calibrating instruments for a Universities Labs, purchasing new equipments for cutting-edge labs or regularly..