A turnkey project is one that is fully operable when it is handed over to the project authority. 

Starting from inception to application training, Maakrupa provides the services as ONE source solution.

    What we do:

    Working side by side with government authorities and people across the World, we help countries to perform better. We support countries grow their economies, strengthen their education and health systems and improve financial management. We do this by providing consultancy and training in environment safety, education, health systems strengthening as turnkey solution.

    We are an international advancement company that partners with governments, aid agencies and NGOs in 17 countries. Taking on clients’ fundamental challenges, we make lasting change to the systems and organisations that are vital for people’s well-being and prosperity.

Project Life Cycle
Project Conceptualization
Project Site Survey
Project Plan & Design
Project Approvals, Fiscal Benefits & Subsidies Services
Project Financing Services
Project Development Services
Project Marketing

We help our clients to improve ownership of business risk and to put in place the governance structures and tools necessary to manage their business risk effectively. We have successfully supported capacity building in the least developed countries by providing training and other professional development support to teams and individuals.
It has also supported the ability of least developed countries to be considered properly in economic and trade facilitation talks.

Uniting industry experience to produce turnkey solutions
Compiling responsive and competitive proposals in projects is a specialized process and for this reason, Maakrupa has a dedicated Projects Division. With many years of industry related experience, this highly skilled team specializes in planning, designing and executing projects in areas of education, health, agriculture, construction and environmental industries. Whether those are secondary schools or universities or medical colleges or testing laboratories or training centres or research institutes, Maakrupa happy to co-operate in order to provide not just supplies, but know-how, technology transfer. Read more..

Technical Support

Our support team is made up of highly skilled and qualified individuals. We at Maascientific Industries having specialists in the areas of Technical Support, Data Management and Product Line Support..

Product Training

Maa Scientific Industries serves as the primary educational facility for customers. Our teaching media is employed in classrooms, and instruments representing product lines are showcased in our hands-on teaching laboratories..

Maintenance & Services

Maa Scientific Industrirs is the leading lab equipment resource. Lab Equipment Service is at the core of who we are. Whether it's calibrating instruments for a Universities Labs, purchasing new equipments for cutting-edge labs or regularly..